Woodbridge Almshouse

Client: United Welfare Trust

Date: 2015 – to present day

Working with Atelier Architecture + Design. (Renders courtesy of Atelier Architecture + Design)

The place will be a garden and will be the focus of all the movement and activity that goes on in the estate. As such it needs to feel like it is a place that delights whatever you do there; Overlook it, walk through, spend time in it.

It is a garden but it still needs to fulfil very definite functions that will allow all the residents to enjoy it in the most productive manner. It needs to be accessible and so the paths are all level and wide enough to take wheelchairs and people walking with them. There is a perimeter route around the garden but there are also many ways to cross and perambulate in a circular fashion. In being able to do this there are lots of places where one can sit, look and talk and planted to engage.

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