Queen’s College, Oxford

Client: The Provost’s Garden, Queen’s College, Oxford

Date: 2014- present day

Working with Rick Mather Architects. (Renders courtesy of Rick Mather Architects)

The redesign of the Provost’s Garden above the new underground libary extension. The design of the New Library seeks to minimise visual impact within the existing Provost’s Garden, as the section drawing shows, a rooflight runs from north to south illuminating the reading room and the staff offices. The rooflight will also give spectacular views of the west façade of the existing library – a view previously only glimpsed over garden walls.

The garden redesign seeks to retain the sense of a planted informal garden and meet the needs of the Provost, The College and the landscape setting of the Lodgings and the historic library.

The project is currently on site.

Download pdf. (Click Here)

Provost Garden section
Provost Garden section
section 2
Provost Lodgings
central planter