Christ Church Garden, Spitalfields

Client: Christ Church, Spitalfields

Date: 2012 -open competition -runner up

The design for the redesign of the church’s garden focused on responding to the continual evolution of the Spitalfield’s community to create a garden that felt it had grown up in the place – reusing materials and involving the community as part of the decision making process.

The design creates a heart space away from the bustle of the market with pedestrian routes that open out as you approach the main space but along which the activity intensifies with increasing opportunities to sit and take part together. Central to the heart space was a new tree and circular seat, using memories from the second world war memorial, it was designed to be a place to remember all those that have contributed to the community with names carved into the wooden seat and a tree selected by the community.

Model by Jackie Hands.

Download pdf. (Click Here)

christ church plan
christ church plan
christ church aerial
christ church front
christ church side
christ church trees